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The Graham Foundation Trust is a Pennsylvania charitable foundation supporting philanthropic initiatives in education, culture, history, the arts, architecture, sustainability and athletics. In so doing, The Foundation supports a broad array of educational, community, artistic, historic, athletic and recreational programs. The Foundation is a Pennsylvania non-profit organization exempt from tax under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Philanthropic Initiatives

Since its 1987 formation, The Foundation has also been involved in supporting philanthropic initiatives for underprivileged communities, including underprivileged youth seeking improved educational opportunities. The Foundation supports a broad array of programs in community centers, clubs, associations, camps, schools, colleges, and other organizations which encourage intellectual exploration, creativity, and character development using any form of education, the arts or athletics as a teaching tool.




The Arts

Architecture Sustainability


Sources of Support

As an organization exempt from tax under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, The Foundation draws philanthropic support for its programming from sources that support young people for educational, artistic, cultural and athletic endeavors. Certain scholarship programs that may be supported by The Foundation may also be associated with federal, state or municipal initiatives in education, the arts, culture or athletics, which may in turn be subject to specific qualifying criteria or other regulations for any scholarship support recipients.


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